Zhuozhou Hongtai Mixed Conveying Machinery Factory specializes in producing mixer,conveyor, pneumatic conveying equipment and quantitative measuring equipment. Our company is located in Xiguan ,Bajiayao Industrial zone, Zhuozhou, Hebei . The leading production techniques are introduced from the United States and Korea. Our products have been used in Hebei,【Details

  •  Provide economical,compact,and     practical solutions
  •  Rich bulk handling practical experience
  •  Rich mixing technology practical     experience
  •  Meet clients’specific technology     requirements
  •  Respect clients’secret patent
  •  Customize Non-standard equipment
  •  System diagnostics
  •  After-sales service
  •  Construction service

Add: South of Yongli Road, Xiguan       Bajiayao Industrial Zone,       Zhuozhou, Hebei, China

Tel: 86 0312 3864936

Mobile:86 13315255281


Fax: 0312-3864936



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